Tips: Take Advantage of Your Online Spanish Class

Online Spanish Class Tips

TIP 1: Avoid Making The Same Mistakes.

When students are in class with their Spanish teacher, there are moments where a spontaneous conversation will come up. Your teacher might correct you once, twice and maybe three times, but if you keep on making the same mistakes over and over, that’s on you, pal. Pay attention to your mistake and take advantage of the corrections if any. Don’t waste your time and your instructor’s time by making the same mistakes over an over. Also: take notes.

TIP 2: Make mistakes.

It’s a Spanish class. You don’t have to be perfect. Try not taking too long translating in your head word by word. Speak spontaneously and make mistakes. As long as you catch them and avoid them next time, you’re good. Something that bothered me a lot when I taught online classes (I don’t teach online anymore), is when a student took one minute to say one sentence. My advice: Just focus on the message. What do you want to say? Make your message as simple as possible and stop wasting time on fancy words and complicated grammar. If you mess up, you’ll be corrected. And there’s no shame in it, because: you’re in class. You’re learning. I understand you are working on it. And if you get corrected: check tip number 1.

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TIP 3: Study More Often.

A lot of people just assume that their once a week class is enough. It’s not. The more you are exposed to the language, the better. You don’t necessarily have to take a class every day. Just be exposed to the language. Write, read, listen, and record your voice. Watch yourself in a video speaking Spanish. See what you don’t like, what you did well. Work on it and have questions ready for the next class.

TIP 4 Be Ready For Class.

Don’t just show up to your Spanish class, do some prep work. Before the class think about words that you have difficulty understanding. Think about the questions that you can ask your teacher. If you are following our first tip then look at your notes from the last class and ask the teacher if you need a better explanation. It is a conversation and you need to be a part of it and not just rely on the teacher to do most of the talking. Think of your Spanish class as a business meeting. You probably would never go into a business meeting not prepared so don’t do the same with your online Spanish class.


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Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve Your Spanish with courses for intermediate and advanced students.