Spanish Expressions You Won’t Find in Your Textbook

Grammar Is Not Enough

Let’s do something: For a moment, stop thinking about grammar. Yes. Grammar is useful to understand how language works, but it is not the core of what you should be studying if you want to speak real, natural spontaneous Spanish. Let’s get to know and learn some real life Spanish expressions (they are actually groups of words. Chunks of language). You might not find them in a textbook but you will find them in real life, with people.

You can find examples for each expression below in the video we have prepared for you:

¡No me digas!:

Someone just told you big good news, so you react saying: ¡No me digas! (It shows interest and excitement).

¡Qué lástima!:

When yo man something is sad, you say “qué lástima”.

O sea:

When you need to explain what you mean or say it in other words use “o sea”.


It means you’re done or ready for the next activity. You can also use it to accept an invitation.


Así es:

Use it to confirm that something is correct.

Las _____ y pico:

If you don’t know the exact hour or time of the day, you just say son las + the hour + y pico. Like in “son las cuatro y pico” or “es la una y pico”.

Hace rato:

Use to say that something happened a long time a go or a while ago.

¡Qué chévere!:

Very common in Latin America. Use it to show that something is cool or nice. Attention: We don’t ever say “me mola” in Latin America. “Me mola” is used in Spain.

If you are a committed Spanish student and you are ready to go from the textbook to the real life, you should be ready to join our course Español en uso. It’s not a grammar course and it goes beyond real life Spanish expressions. It will show you how to understand native Spanish speakers and how to be understood. If you are ready to put in the work it takes to learn a language and you want to sound natural when you speak Spanish, join our course. Make sure you read the information about it before you join. It is not a course for everybody.

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Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

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Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve Your Spanish with courses for intermediate and advanced students.