¿Montas en cicla? | Spanish Listening Activity and Quiz

Improve Spanish Listening: Ride a Bike in Bogota


¿Montas en cicla? – Do You Ride a Bike?

So you want to improve your listening skills in Spanish? Watch the video above and answer the questions in between and at the end of the video.

What’s the video about?

Ciclovía in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia (not “Columbia” 😉 ) is an activity that takes place EVERY Sunday and festivo (holiday). Most main streets in the city are closed and people take advantage of this space to do outdoor activities.

You can see a lot of people riding bikes (or ciclas like we say in Colombia). Even the police ride ciclas! There’s also people running or jogging. People also take their dogs out to walk or run. You won’t only see people doing that. You can also see people rollerblading, doing yoga or dancing.

There are stages where instructors lead the activities and people really enjoy working out and dancing to the rhythm of the music.

How To Go About A Listening Activity?

If you really want to take advantage of a listening activity, you have to put in some work.

  1. Listen with subtitles in Spanish or get the transcript of the audio.
  2. Get familiar with the words you don’t know. Look for them in a dictionary.
  3. Listen again without subtitles.
  4. Answer the questions in the video.
  5. Do imitation exercised or shadow reading.

If you are commited to improving Spanish and you are willing to put in the work to do it, visit our course Español en Uso.

We don’t provide the transcripts of the videos from YouTube on these posts. It’s just more work for us, for free. However, you will find transcripts and a detailed analysis of many audio and video files in our course Español en Uso.

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Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve Your Spanish with courses for intermediate and advanced students.

Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve Your Spanish with courses for intermediate and advanced students.