Who Are We?

María Jaramillo

Profe y creadora de contenido

Cody Beeler

Editor y superhéroe tecnológico

What Do We Do?

We help committed Spanish students improve their Spanish through fun, engaging videos and learning material.

How Did It All Start?

We came up with Why Not Spanish in a little apartment in Nashville, TN. 

We wanted to show the experience and struggles of a Colombian – American couple teaching and learning Spanish in a fresh and relatable way.

Love Is In The... Ocean

We met some years ago working on cruise ships. 

María worked as a youth counselor and Cody was a camera man and video editor on board. 

After a couple of years we quit and started a life on land in Bogota, Colombia.

It Was Not a Bed of Roses...

Cody didn’t speak any Spanish back then, and the people he hung out with only wanted to speak English. He took some classes at a local university but everything was so technical and text-book like that motivation quickly faded away proving you won’t necessarily learn Spanish just by living in a Spanish speaking country. 

Time To Make a Decision

We adopted our beautiful street dog Maya.  

Then, after a couple of years living and working in Bogota, Cody and María had to make a decision: A job offer awaited Cody back in United States. 

Cody accepted, went back home and started working there. Some months later, Maya and María joined.

María Teaches Spanish

When María started working as a Spanish teacher, she realized that most of the material out there for teaching Spanish was very technical, outdated and difficult to digest for most students, so she started creating her own and working with it. Cody got excited about learning Spanish again and María started helping him out learning Spanish. We also decided to share our experience teaching and learning Spanish in the form of YouTube videos.

Since then, we have been fortunate to count on the support of many Spanish students who relate in one way or another to our experience and enjoy the teaching style we display out there with María in front of the Camera and Cody making it 10 times better behind it.

About Cody

Hi, I’m Cody. I have lived most of my life in Knoxville, TN.  When I was 22 I had the chance to make my first trip abroad, to France. This started a desire in me to travel and see the world. 

I got a job working on cruise ships doing what I studied in college and enjoy the most: video editing and production. 




I got a job working on cruise ships doing what I studied in college and enjoy the most: video editing and production. I lived in Bogota, Colombia for a couple of years and I started learning Spanish there, however my motivation to learn it decreased after having bad experiences with impatient and old schooled teachers. I absolutely despise drinking cold water and I can juggle 3 clubs while riding the unicycle.

About María

I’m María. I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I started learning English when I was 14 but took it seriously when I was 20 and about to finish my Bachelor’s Degree as a Language Teacher.

I am curious about everything related to the learning of English and Spanish and consider myself a language nerd.

I wanted to travel but had no money. My solution: I got a job on cruise ships when I was 21. After I quit this job, I took a Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation and Subtitling. It made me work harder on my English and Spanish skills.

I am afraid of human-like robots and I enjoy eating stale cookies and flat coke. (Don’t worry. It is a pleasure I don’t get to enjoy very often).

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